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Parking in Prague


If you come to Prague by car, you have 4 good parking options:

1) Booking a garage online. It’s cheaper than street parking in Prague 1. Search for mrparkit, they have best prices in Prague. They vary 11-25€/day.

2) Parking on the WHITE lines on the street (so-called violet zones – please see example For Prague 1 the price is about 25 €/day and you could pay max for 16 hours (1,5 €/hr 8:00-24:00, from 24:00 to 8:00 parking is free). For Prague 2,3 the price is 1,2-1,3 €/hr and the parking is usually free on weekends and nights (free from 18:00/20:00 till 8:00). Parking in Prague 2 and Prague 3 is indicated in our colored map of Prague, which you will receive upon arrival.
The is an interactive parking map on the website parkujvklidu, look for the violet zone (= white line on the street).

3) “Park and Ride” away from the city center – guarded parking near subway stations. Prices are 5-6€. Please visit for more detailed information.

4) The last option – parking several metro stops away from the city center on the street free of charge and unsupervised.

If you still don’t know, we will find best parking option for you during the check-in!

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